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About Us

The company was founded in 1987 by Richard Fleury, president. After a hospital stay he realized that the emesis basins provided were inadequate to collect and contain vomit and they easily spilled. From this he developed the Convenience Bag.

Unique Product Features

Convenience Bag has an extra wide rigid opening that fits easily over the patients mouth and an inner valve that seals liquid in and prevents it from spilling. It also has an outer sleeve that protects the hand from contamination. Plus it's disposable. These unique features proved to be perfect for the ambulance and hospital market.

Consistent Quality

GKR Industries, Inc. has a 100% quality inspection program to insure consistent high caliber products. We constantly strive for 100% satisfaction. Special packaging and private labeling is available with minimum quantities.


We want to provide high-quality, disposable products for the medical and consumer market. Our products are designed to be convenient for both the patient, consumer and health care worker while protecting them from potentially infectious bodily fluids. We strive to fulfill the needs of our customers, to help them achieve their goals.

Millions Sold

Since 1987 we have sold over 6 million Convenience Bags to these markets. Other uses of the Convenience Bag include aviation, nursing homes, day care centers, schools, school bus lines, and private industries.

Consumer Use

We now offer Convenience Bag to the consumer market for kid's motion sickness and potty emergencies in cars, morning sickness for pregnant mothers and many other uses.

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